Saturday, February 26, 2011

'Baby you were born this way?'

I apologize for not posting in a while. I was in my schools production of "Back to the 80's: the Totally awesome musical", and yes, that is the full title. So, therefore i have been a bit busy but I am back now.

Now, throughout this musical experience, I have made a lot of close friends who I am sure i will remain friends with for a long time. The interesting part about it is the variety of people that you meet. That variety being theater and choir kids, people who love to act and sing, and are generally over the top, which makes it all the more fun. Sometimes you even meet those who may like the same sex. After this musical, I was approached by my friend who is a member of the ELCA(Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) saying that her church is more accepting of the gays than we are. Now, we have these conversations from time to time about the differences in our churches but, this time I was slightly caught off guard. I would like everyone to realize that my church, LCMS(Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) believes that God loves even the gays and lesbians, we just want to help them see that they are sinners but God still loves them. Our church is more conservative and traditional but that does not mean that we reject all sinners. If we rejected all sinners, we would reject everyone, even the pastors, because no one is perfect. as lady gaga says, "God makes no mistakes, i'm on the right track baby, I was born this way." Whether that be true or not, God does not make mistakes and he loves us all. Please comment and let me know your comments on this topic and maybe anything else you would like me to touch on. Thank you for reading my super long post:) have a great day!

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