Friday, January 17, 2014

Why me? Why here? Why now?

Have you ever wondered why God put you in a certain place at a certain time? Have you ever stopped and just asked God "why me?" "Why here?""why now?" I know that thought goes through my mind a lot, especially when everything seems to be falling apart. Sometimes, it's hard to remember that God put you here for a reason, He put certain people in your life for a reason, He brought you here, and he'll bring you past anything that comes up while you are here.
For me, I find myself wanting to know God's plan, all the time. When things are falling down, when I'm confused as to why someone is in my life, or on the contrary, someone has left my life. I find myself pleading to God, almost yelling to him "WHY ME?" What did I do to deserve this? Wouldn't it be great just to know God's reasons for his timing?

On the other hand, sometimes we are sitting there hitting ourselves with the "if I had only been there... if I had just waited... if I had just gone earlier.... if this, if that..." We tear ourselves apart with the 'ifs, ands, and buts' of everything. We made the decisions we have made and we have to live with the consequences, being good or bad.  Eventually you just have to sit back and realize that every decision you made got you to this point in your life, and you cannot do anything to change them now.

Now, if you're thinking I'm going to give all the secrets to knowing God's plans, think again. Sorry, even I am not cool enough to know that! But, I am here to tell you to have patience, pray for God's guidance, and trust that He has it all figured out. He has written your entire life already, He knows what you are going to decide and He will work good out of everything.
So, we may have to go through some hard times. Trials, tribulations; they are all a part of life. What can we do about it? Trust God, and keep pushing through. I challenge you to push to find the joy in life, to MAKE the joy in life, because, as they say, You Only Live Once (except for that whole eternal life in Christ thing), so make the most of it, and do not dwell on the things you have no control over. God knows what He is doing and he loves us. That, right there, should give you the joy you search for.

"Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven." Luke 10:20

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