Sunday, June 19, 2011

~Bucket list~

Recently inspired by the movie "The Bucket List", I have decided to make a bucket list of my own. I plan to put it in two categories, one to finish before the end of my senior year, and one to finish before I go to heaven, whichever comes first. Not to sound morbid, but I am really hoping that Jesus comes back real soon! So just as a little preview, #1 on my 'end of senior year' list- make it through my last year of high school alive!
#1 on my 'before I go to heaven' list- travel abroad to Europe, Africa, and Australia!
I am thinking that the second one may take a little longer to accomplish, but it is still up there! I'll try to post more as they come to mind:) anything you are wanting to do before you die?

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