Sunday, April 10, 2011

~God Bless our troops~

     This weekend I went to Mississippi to visit my sissy and her hubby and my wonderful nephew:) My biggest sissy is a fantastic photographer, and I wanted her to take my senior pictures on the beach, so I traveled there on Friday for what I thought would be the best experience of the weekend. But, soon I found out that though it comes in a close second, it was not the best of the weekend.
     So here's my story: I attempted to get on a flight at 3:40 that day, and I would be happily on my way to the beach and my family.... but, due to our standby status, I did not make it on the flight, and sadly, the next flight was not until 8 o'clock that evening. Therefore, I was stuck at the DFW airport.... for 5 hours. Thankfully, they have a little place for people like me, standbys who can't get on flights that is. So I took my things and headed to the A terminal where the Non-rev lounge is. That is what we are called, Non-revs. Anyway, I took the skylink over because that was a long way to walk, and this is where the cool part comes in. As I am sitting there, waiting for my stop, 3 soldiers board the train in their camo uniforms and all. As they got on, some man on the train asked them if they were coming home, or going out. They happily said that they were coming home, and the man smiled, shook the hands of all 3 of them, and said "good work, thank you for your service." Now, I don't know if it touched anyone else, and maybe I am just sappy or something, but, to me, that was one of the coolest acts of kindness that I have ever seen. It seemed like one of those 'Pass it on' things, and I silently prayed that it touched some other people on that train like it touched me. I hoped that maybe it would inspire some other people to maybe do the same thing. The rest of that day, since I still had about 4 and a half hours to wait, I made it m goal to at least smile at every military personnel that I saw that day, and maybe eve thank them for their service. And, about 3 hours later, I did get the opportunity to thank a group of about 5 or 6 soldiers and wish them good luck, because they were headed out to fight for my freedom, and for the freedom of every one of you. Generally, you don't see people thanking soldiers for their service as often as they should be. These men and women are sacrificing their lives to keep us safe, and we just walk right past them like they are just another citizen of his great country we live in. For me, it was a really cool experience to be able to give back, at least a little anyways:) It's moments like that when you truly find the joy in life.
     I hope that this story maybe inspires you to do the same, or at least just think about all those men and women over there right now, risking their lives. I'm sure we all know someone, or at least know of someone who is over there fighting right now. They are all in my thoughts and prayers every day, and I hope they are in yours too. Support our troops and God bless our troops. Everyday.

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